GGW offers two types of Educational Opportunities. The first type consists of four separate Programs that build an Educational Pyramid of core curriculum, business skills, and personal growth. The second type consists of topic-specific classes offered in a specific location or via the Internet.

Currently, our GGW Educational Opportunities are offered regionally throughout the United States with the hope of expanding internationally in 2017.

All classes are offered via scholarship, meaning no charge to the individual or their employer for the programs or courses. The consistent pre-requisite requirement for application for all classes is a minimum of 3 years employment experience in the gaming industry. Although the courses are without charge, there may be associated room or travel costs that the applicant or applicant’s organization may need to incur.

The applicant selection process is done by an independent subcommittee, of the Education Committee, which weighs the background of applicants, company and job diversity in the selection for each class.

By clicking on the different options below, you will find a detailed description of each of the programs. New dates and locations are added throughout the year, so once you determine which program fits your level, please check back here and on the ‘Current Scholarship Opportunities’ tab to the left, if it is not currently scheduled.

Check out our News page where you can watch videos and read articles on how to become a stronger woman candidate in the gaming industry.

The 1st level of the pyramid is our Emerging Leaders program. This one and half day program’s focus is for women not currently in management in the gaming industry but interested in gathering skills for advancement. From Front Desk Clerks to IT Techs to Facilities Engineers to Housekeepers or other women working in gaming hospitality, this program is designed for you. As a stepping stone into GGW’s educational programming, Emerging Leaders will work on training for multiple topics. Some that may be of interest to you:

  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Self-Esteem and Expectations
  • Stepping Up To Supervisor
  • Professional Image and more!

GGW will partner with different companies to hold this program at a location, where there is an interest. GGW is happy to work one on one with your team or organization to offer this valuable training to your team members. GGW will send a trainer to you. Please contact us at for more details.

The next step on our pyramid is – Front Line Leaders. These regional leadership conferences are directed at supervisory and new management level individuals. Each program consists of two and a half days of content relevant to those new to leadership positions.

Some topics that might be of interest to you:

  • Giving feedback for performance improvement
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Internal customer service
  • Team Building and more!

You won’t want to miss the lunch speakers, amazing women who will discuss achieving success, learning through the good times and bad times. Build great relationships with others in your area at these regionally based conferences. We will be offering a Southern, Western, Eastern and Midwest conference every year. Check the ‘Current Scholarship Opportunities’ tab to the left for more details on each specific region, locations and dates.

The third step on the pyramid is our Leadership Development Conference which takes place regionally throughout the United States every year. The four regions to choose from are: Southern, Western, Eastern and Midwest.

This program is established for manager and new to director level participants to increase management skills and leadership development. Some of the topics that may be of interest to you:

  • Finances from the non-financial manager
  • Conflict management
  • Work of Leaders Communication Profile
  • Conflict management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Presentation Skills and more!

Take part in this great opportunity in any region and we believe you will leave filled with motivation to succeed both personally and professionally. Keep an eye out for applications as dates are set for different regions. Check the ‘Current Scholarship Opportunities’ tab to the left for all the specific details, including dates, locations and application deadlines!

Our 4th and final Educational Program – the W Development Conference – is for senior executives. This conference is located in the hub of the gaming industry – Las Vegas, Nevada. This conference is held annually for women who are at the top of their companies and teams. Some of the topics that may interest you:

  • Communication Styles
  • Coaching, Listening and Delegating
  • The Strategic Diamond and more!

For more in depth knowledge, the W Conference also features breakout sessions. Some of the possible topics that might interest you:

  • Accounting, Legal and Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Resort Operations (Hotel, F&B, Functions)
  • IT and more!
  • Risk Management

All of the W Speakers are the brightest and the best. Meet the top women in our Industry and learn how they have succeeded. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet and dine in an intimate setting with established senior executives in the gaming industry. As our final “Educational Opportunity” through GGW, you will have the chance after graduating the W Conference to ‘Pay it Forward’ and put what you have learned into practice for the benefit of others and for your own satisfaction.

The 2017 W Development Conference will be held at Aliante Resort Casino and Spa from June 21 – 23. For more details, including application deadlines, click the ‘Current Scholarship Opportunities’ tab to the left.

Amy Ayoub AKA The Zen Speaker is now partnering with GGW to provide valuable public speaking training to our members. The benefits of becoming a calm, confident and compelling public speaker extend far beyond your next turn at the podium in front of a large audience. From the boardroom and staff meetings to one-on-one conversations and networking opportunities, further development in your public speaking skills will propel you forward in your careers as professional women in the gaming industry.

Every time you communicate, you represent yourself, your companies and Global Gaming Women. Those who are fearful or uncomfortable speaking, may be losing opportunities because they are resisting speaking in groups. As a result, they might not get the leadership positions they desire because they choose not to speak and demonstrate their expertise in the gaming industry. Other more proficient speakers, who regularly speak in front of groups, will also benefit from public speaking coaching. Regardless of how comfortable they may be with their public speaking skills (they should never mistake being comfortable with being compelling), it takes a unique approach to consistently get the desired results. It’s just making a few slight changes in the way you express your message that will create a significant difference in how you impact the audience.

The great news is that communication skills can be improved dramatically in a short period of time. With the proper training and determination on the participant’s part, their development will be obviously and drastically accelerated. Amy has guided hundreds of professionals and politicians to be better speakers and presenters, showing them how to be calm, confident and compelling any time they are in the spotlight.

In the group coaching setting, participants receive valuable group feedback while gaining more confidence and proficiency. Ultimately, this experience allows them to effectively deliver a presentation without anxiety even in the most pressure-packed situations. Through The Zen Speaker’s Public Speaking Coaching Course, Global Gaming Women members will learn to:

  • Be Calm, Confident and Compelling in the Spotlight
  • Gain Instant Credibility
  • Grow Their Business and Their Careers
  • Present in a Conversational and Engaging Manner
  • Connect with An Audience of One or One Thousand Immediately
  • Practice Presentations Easily and Effectively
  • Master Unique Anxiety-Controlling Breathing Exercises
  • Create 2-Minute Pitches and a Personal Elevator Speech

Participating members will each be encouraged and given the opportunity to practice their skills by presenting and receiving feedback from the facilitator along with their fellow course members. The course will follow the standard Zen Speaker’s Coaching Program curriculum structure; however, Amy will tailor the program to address the needs of the group for any upcoming presentations.

The course consists of six, 90-minute teleconference sessions that will be held monthly. This allows ample time for participants to complete homework between sessions, which will include various levels of communication scenarios and skill-based presentations. Because these are done online – this means anyone across the globe can apply!

The groups are limited to 10 participants, space is limited. As the current training is underway, we are not currently accepting scholarships for this course. Please check the ‘Current Scholarship Opportunities’ tab to the left for more details on when the next application process will begin.

Pricing: $250 total to include the 6 group sessions plus 2 private 1-hour coaching sessions to prepare for any upcoming presentation or to further develop a specific skill area of her choosing.

Please email if you have any questions regarding The Zen Speaker Public Speaking Course!

Each year, the GGW Charitable Education Fund assists women employed privately in the gaming industry, or by government agencies responsible for its regulation, to attend the MGM Resorts Foundation’s Women’s Leadership Conference. The annual Women’s Leadership Conference is the nation’s premier forum for women’s personal and professional development and advancement. The conference inspires women to seek their highest level of personal and professional growth. The conference inspires women to seek their highest level of personal and professional growth by presenting participants with role models, varying perspectives and strategies for development.

To learn more about the Women’s Leadership Conference, please visit their website.

Each year, we send 20 women on GGW scholarships to attend the conference. To learn more about the conference experience from past scholarship winners, check out the “Success Stories“.

Please check the ‘Current Scholarship Opportunities’ tab to the left for details on dates, application deadlines and more!

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