Panel from the 2017 Power of Technology Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada

Developmental Conference Series

Each year, GGW offers a one day conference focused on specific areas of personal and professional development geared toward advancement within the gaming industry. Held in Las Vegas, and televised to regional locations, each conference is open to anyone within the gaming industry who is interested in developing increased business skills. 

Previous conferences have focused on the power of technology with topics of Navigating Legal & Compliance Matters with Advances in Gaming Technology, How to Capture, Maintain & Grow Revenue as through Technology Changes, the latest Trends in Tech from the gaming supplier perspective, and how to use technology to expand your personal brand. 

Our next conference will focus on the business of business and how to enhance your personal and professional success by expanding your knowledge of key business principles. Open to both men and women alike, our "The Business of Business: Creating Your Professional and Personal Success" conference will be held in Las Vegas this fall and will cover topics including:

  • Modern business basics including decoding financial statements and reports to better understand a company's financial health and performance;
  • An overview of the role each company department plays in the company's overall financial performance;
  • How to apply business minded financial metrics to your personal life to build a more solid financial foundation; and
  • What leading executives look for in leaders and the lessons they've learned that have contributed to their personal success.

The full agenda will be available online soon: watch for details on the full conference as well as registration deadlines and pricing.