Education Pyramid

Education PyramidThe GGW Education Pyramid includes four individual conferences that focus on business skills and personal growth. All classes are offered via scholarship, meaning no charge to the individual or their employer for the programs or courses.

The pre-requisite requirement for application for all classes is a minimum of three years employment experience in the gaming industry. Although the courses are without charge, there may be associated room or travel costs that the applicant or applicant’s organization may need to incur. 

The applicant selection process is done by an independent subcommittee, of the Education Committee, which weighs the background of applicants, company and job diversity in the selection for each class.

Pyramid Level One:  Leadership Foundations

 Leadership Foundations Criteria for Attendance: Any woman in gaming, hospitality, or related industry not in a management role and interested in developing knowledge, skills and abilities.

Course description.

The 1st level of the learning pyramid at GGW is the Leadership Foundations course. This powerful program consists of three (3) half-day sessions specifically designed for women not currently in management in the gaming industry and interested in gathering foundational skills for advancement. From Front Desk Clerks to IT Techs to Facilities Engineers to Housekeepers or other women working in gaming hospitality, or supporting industries, this program is designed for you.  No experience in management is required.  As a stepping stone into GGW’s educational programming, Leadership Foundations focuses on multiple essential areas to build a solid foundation for leadership such as:

·        Building Credibility and Creating Your Brand

·        Introduction to Emotional Intelligence – Managing Your Emotions Under Pressure

·        Boost Confidence in Speaking Up

·        Professional Image and more!

GGW will partner with interested companies to hold this program at your location if there is an interest. GGW is happy to work one-on-one with your team and provides the trainer at you location.  If you are interested in adding this valuable training for your team members please reach out to [email protected].

Pyramid Level Two: Front Line Leaders

Front Line Leaders Conference Criteria for Attendance

Any woman in gaming, hospitality, or related industry for a minimum of 1 year in a supervisory or first level management position.
Course Description

The 2nd level of the pyramid is Front Line Leaders Conference. This conference is directed at supervisory and individuals new to a management roles.  This conference consists of one and a half days of content relevant to those new to leadership positions, with topics such as:

  • Aligning the performance of your team through trust, communication and collaboration to increase results
  • Giving and receiving feedback for performance improvement
  • Creating a culture of recognition to reinforce positive behavior and celebrate successes
  • Learning strategies to manage conflict in the workplace, including triggers and understanding the impact of patterns on our behavior
  • Team Building and more! 

Part of this class promotes building relationships with others in your area at these regionally based conferences. The class is offered in our Eastern, Midwest, Southern, and Western regions each year.

Pyramid Level Three: Leadership Development

Leadership Development Conference Attendance Criteria

Any woman in gaming, hospitality, or a related industry for a minimum of 3 years in a Manager role, responsible for a shift, or area of responsibility that is not the most Senior Management position in their area or department.

Course Description

The 3rd level of the learning pyramid is the Leadership Development Conference which takes place regionally throughout each year. The four regions to choose from are Eastern, Midwest, Southern, and Western.

This program, specifically designed for managers and those new to Director level, will help participants increase management skills and boost leadership development. Some topics that will be covered in this conference are:

  • DiSC © Management Profile – gain insight into your communication preferences, priorities in your work environment, and adapting your styles to others
  • Emotional Intelligence – understanding the impact of emotions on communication and learning how to better manage emotions for more productive outcomes and relationships
  • Core Competencies – experience the importance of strengthening core leadership skills
  • Presentation Skills – whether speaking to an audience of 1 or 100, learn strategies to build confidence and leave an impact

Pyramid Level Four: W Development

W Development Conference Attendance Criteria

Any woman in gaming, hospitality, or related industry for a minimum of 5 years in a role that is the most senior in their department, area of responsiblity or organization.

Course Description

The top level of our educational pyramid is the W Leadership Conference.  This conference is reserved for the women who have the most senior level of responsibility in the gaming, hospitality and supporting industries. This exclusive educational opportunity is available to women leaders in these industries. Strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and advanced coaching skills are all part of this 2.5 day conference. The topics covered include:

  • DiSC © Management Profile
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching, Listening & Delegating
  • Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce and Diversity & Inclusion
  • Building Workplace Relationships
  • Strategic Thinking & Application

In addition, specific subject round table discussions are presented by current senior executives in gaming, hospitality and supporting industries. These presenters share their knowledge and take questions from participants. Areas of presentation vary year to year and can include; professional development; legal and human resources; gaming operations; resort operations; information technology; and marketing.  Meet the top women in our Industry and learn how they have succeeded.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet and dine in an intimate setting with established senior executives in the gaming industry. As our final “Educational Opportunity” through GGW, you will have the opportunity after graduating the W Conference to ‘Pay it Forward’ and put what you have learned into practice for the benefit of others and for your own satisfaction.