Get Involved! Join the GGW Events & Program Committee

    The purpose of the Global Gaming Women Events & Programs Committee is to create diverse opportunities for GGW to strengthen social networks, develop educational and career enhancing opportunities, and share personal experiences with others in order to aid in the fulfillment of the mission; all while increasing membership opportunities and assisting in the recruitment of qualified volunteers. The Committee is responsible for:

    • Planning and implementing major events
    • Assist in marketing/PR of local member group events
    • Develop guidance on specific strategies the Board and other committees may employ to enhance communication and outreach
    • To generate and communicate ideas that may lead to increased involvement of members in their organization and in promoting the mission
    • Facilitate creation and support of member group events

    If you're interested in joining the committee, reach out to our Committee co-chairs today!

    Christie Eickelman, GGW President & Gaming Laboratories International Vice President of Global Marketing