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Our Mission

GGW supports, inspires and influences the development of women in the Gaming industry.

Our Core Values Are:

GGW brings together women from all segments of gaming in an effort to enrich their professional and personal lives.

GGW was established by the American Gaming Association to create a broad network that allows peers to connect with their colleagues. The goal is for female gaming professionals to learn from one another, create lasting connections and nurture emerging women leaders.

In 2016, Global Gaming Women launched as an independent charitable organization to deliver high impact programs and events on a global scale that support, inspire, and influence the development of women in the gaming and lottery industry.

What We Do
GGW offers a variety of resources to help women in the gaming industry around the world develop professionally. These tools assist women in reaching their full professional potential by providing them the insight, education and connections needed to succeed in this fast-paced industry. 

Career and Leadership Opportunities
Our website is home to multiple online tools to help women advance their careers. From the latest news about women in the workforce to studies on women in business, this information hub will help guide you throughout your career.

Educational Programs 
GGW provides webinars, programming and other training opportunities designed to enhance leadership skills.

Networking Events
Events are held around the world in conjunction with various gaming conferences, as well as in specific gaming markets that can benefit from such opportunities. GGW brings women from all corners of the industry together for unique mentoring experiences to meet other like-minded individuals. Networking is all about building relationships, so not only will you find potential clients and associates, you'll also make valuable connections.

Mentorship Opportunities
The women of GGW hold a strong belief that mentor to mentee relationships really do help women grow both professionally and personally. Through our Lean In Circles, we are helping women gaming professionals connect with each other to share advice, experiences and best practices. Whether you're new to the industry or a seasoned executive, our programs assist in providing the tools and support needed to achieve your goals.