The Zen Speaker Online Public Speaking Course

Amy Ayoub, owner of The Zen Speaker, is partnering with GGW to provide valuable public speaking training to our members. 

The benefits of becoming a calm, confident and compelling public speaker extend far beyond your next turn at the podium in front of a large audience. From the boardroom and staff meetings to one-on-one conversations and networking opportunities, further development of your public speaking skills will propel you forward in your career as a professional woman in the gaming industry.

Every time you communicate, you represent yourself, your company and your fellow Global Gaming Women. Regardless of how comfortable you may be with public speaking (you should never mistake being comfortable with being compelling), it takes a unique approach to consistently achieve your desired results. It’s just making a few slight changes in the way you express your message that will create a significant difference in how you impact the audience, and open doors for greater opportunities for professional growth and leadership to come your way 

Fortunately, your communication skills can be improved dramatically in a short period of time. With the proper training and determination, your development will be obviously and drastically elevated. Amy Ayoub at The Zen Speaker has guided hundreds of professionals and politicians to be better speakers and presenters. For executives, political leaders and professional teams, working with Amy has had a profound effect on their confidence, poise and success.

During your group coaching sessions, you will receive valuable feedback on your presentations from Amy and your fellow Global Gaming Women, while gaining more confidence and proficiency. Through The Zen Speaker’s Coaching Program, you will:

  • Become Calm, Confident and Compelling in the Spotlight
  • Gain Instant Credibility with Your Peers and Industry Leaders
  • Grow Business for Your Company and Accelerate Your Career
  • Present in a Conversational and Engaging Manner
  • Connect Immediately with An Audience of One or One Thousand
  • Master Unique Anxiety-Controlling Breathing Exercises
  • Create 2-Minute Pitches and Your Personal Elevator Speech

You will also receive two individual one-hour coaching sessions with Amy to focus on skills you'd like to improve, or to create and polish upcoming presentations. Ultimately, taking advantage of this experience will allow you to effectively deliver a presentation without anxiety, even in the most pressure packed situations.

How It Works
The course consists of several group teleconference sessions that will be held monthly. This allows ample time for participants to complete homework between sessions, which will include various levels of communication scenarios and skill-based presentations. Because these are done online – this means anyone across the globe can apply!

To provide the best learning experience for each participant, each course group is limited to 10 participants. As the current training is underway, we are not currently accepting scholarships for this course. Please check the Current Education Opportunities page for more details on when the next application process will begin.

Although the majority of the course fees are covered by GGW scholarship, each participant will be responsible for a $250 fee that covers the group sessions as well as two private one-hour coaching sessions to prepare for any upcoming presentation or to further develop a specific skill area of the participant's choosing.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding The Zen Speaker Public Speaking Course.